Ornate Arms


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Along with the shield, this model is composed of props, figures and outer ornaments that often appear associated with a heraldic composition. Some of these elements flank the escutcheon, such as human or animal figures (supporters), military insignias and floral garniture.

There are rules for displaying the insignias, depending on the hierarchy: those of honorific orders, such as crosses, are often placed behind the shield, with only the ends of the cross visible; medals suspended by a ribbon, hang from the lower edge of the shield (and it can be represented as several medals simultaneously); ribbons around the shield (with the top covered) with the medal below the lower edge of the shield; a badge around the shield; etc.

The escutcheon may have on top the family crest or crown (coronet) and below the banner with its own motto it can have multiple partitions (divisions), depending only on the client’s desire to represent one or more families.