Ecclesiastical Heraldry


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very holder of an ecclesiastical office – be he priest, bishop or archbishop – has the right to use an exclusive coat of arms, with its own symbols, which are neither renewed nor perpetuated. The main characteristic – and value – of ecclesiastical coats of arms is that they are personal and non-transmittable to another party. That is why every coat of arms of the Church is so special and rare, for it is a unique example!

For centuries clerks have used their own coat of arms, using symbols inspired by their ideal of life, representative of their spiritual values and other elements related to their pastoral ministry. Sometimes they’ve even used their family blazon.

Here we challenge you to create your own ecclesiastical blazon, with the rigor and experience it deserves.

Each ecclesiastical escutcheon is designed with the client in mind: after exchanging impressions, jotting down suggestions and conducting some research. We will design it based on high aesthetic & heraldic standards.