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Like the knight, the maiden also has the right to own a coat of arms. But as the ladies did not deal with war matters, it made no sense to use a typically military shield. The noble woman then began to depict their blazon in lozenges, which was intended exclusively for the use of women. The lozenge is a diamond-shaped escutcheon, in which the vertical axis is larger than the horizontal.

When the maiden is single, her arms are in the 2nd partition of the lozenge, the first one being silver, reserved for her husband’s weapons (there are exceptions like queens, princesses, heiresses etc.). In the present time and for a better heraldic identification, it was determined that the lozenge contained only the arms of the woman.

When the woman has no title of nobility the lozenge is supported by a ribbon (instead of the helmet). But if she has a noble title, the lozenge will be surmounted by a coronet corresponding to the title. In the case of religious women (eg: abbesses, etc.) the lozenge is usually replaced by an oval shield.