Noble Coat of Arms


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By Noble coat of arms we refer to the heraldry of individuals and families who have owned or are representing titles of nobility (baron, viscount, count, marquis, duke etc).

These noble titles have several origins: they may be hereditary or they were attributed to a certain person as a distinction for the high services rendered to king or country. During the Middle Ages, these services were essentially about military bravery. During the 19th century and currently it is not uncommon to grant noble favours to individuals with plebeian origins who have stood out politically, socially, scientifically, economically, artistically or in Sports.

One of the principal features of the noble coat of arms is the crown or the coronet above the escutcheon. It is called “coronet” – a crown that is open. When it is closed (dukes, infants, kings, etc.) it is called simply a “crown”.

Besides the coronet (or crown) this model may also include other outer elements such as a helmet, crest, mantling, belts and torse. The presence of the scroll or banner below with the family motto is optional.