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The Civic Coat of Arms is probably the most important emblem of a municipality. It reflects the history of the place and marks the main symbols of a locality. It is the institutional image of a parish, town or city. Now a days the Civic Heraldry plays a fundamental role in the identification of a municipality, as well as in the dissemination of its image by its institutional (website, posters, stationery, car fleet, etc.) and leisure (parties, pilgrimages, festivals, events, etc.) activities. The importance of a civic coat of arms is all too obvious: it confers prestige and historical importance and is the main symbol around which all citizens review and are proud of. A Civic Coat of Arms should be modern and reflect a contemporary, well-designed and stylish image. That’s what we propose to our customers.

Above the civic escutcheon are the civic-crowns, with 3, 4 or 5 towers, depending on the importance of the locality. The flag of the parish or town, is another heraldic element associated with its coat of arms.